Explore Blog Pro

Explore Blog Pro is a fantastic and free WordPress theme perfectly suited for a wide range of users, including travelers, bloggers, tour operators, travel companies, travel agents, tour guides, and tour package agencies. The theme boasts a user-friendly interface, making it incredibly easy for beginners and novices to create their own website without the need for any coding skills. Notably, it offers full responsiveness and mobile-friendliness, ensuring that your travel blog or website will look stunning and function seamlessly across all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Explore Blog Pro comes equipped with a comprehensive set of features and sections essential for any successful blog. Moreover, its translation-ready capability allows you to effortlessly connect with a global audience, making it an excellent choice for expanding your online presence internationally. Embrace the endless possibilities that Explore Blog Pro offers and embark on a remarkable online journey to share your travel experiences and insights with the world.

Ultimate Features

Clean and Modern Design

Explore Blog Pro will provide a clean and modern minimalist design for easy navigation, and the visitors can focus on the significant content.

Easy & Powerful Customization

Customize the style and feel of your site by using the WordPress Customizer, which allows you to do it without needing any code.

With Explore Blog Pro, creating content and modifying the theme is simple. You can set the site identity, color, widgets, theme settings, layout easily.

WP Travel Plugin

Explore Blog Pro is compatible with the WP Travel plugin which can be used to list tour packages, tour destinations with great deals and allow users to book those packages and make payments directly from the website.

Multiple Homepage Demo

Explore Blog Pro provides various homepage demos to choose from based on the nature of your theme, the layout offers various designs and feel. Choose a layout that best displays your website’s identity and highlights the most important features.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Built by considering most of the latest browsers and tested for compatibility even for some older versions of different browsers. This helps in seamless view across all browser environments.

Free vs Pro

Free Pro
Responsive Design
Demo Import Manual One Click
Translation Ready
Primary Color
Top Bar
Hide Topbar Social Menu
Hide Topbar Secondary Menu
Enable Sticky Header
Hide Menu Search Icon
Enable Transparent Menu
Site Title Font Family 5 Fonts 1000+ Fonts
Site Description Font Family 5 Fonts 1000+ Fonts
Header Font Family 5 Fonts 1000+ Fonts
Body Font Family 5 Fonts 1000+ Fonts
Page Loader
Archive List Style
Site Layout
Infinite Scroll
Hide Copyright Text
Copyright Text Editor Static Fully Customizable
Multiple Homepage Demo
Homepage Sortable
Banner Section Limited 2 Styles
Banner Content Alignment
Brands Section Limited
About Section Limited 2 Styles
About Image Alignment
Trending Articles Section Limited 4 Styles
Featured Story Section 4 Styles
Counter Section Limited 2 Styles
Testimonial Section 2 Styles
Travel Diaries Section Limited 2 Styles
Trending Package Section 2 Styles
Events Section 2 Styles
Categories Section Limited 4 Styles
Newsletter Section 2 Styles
Instagram Section
Product Section

More Features

Besides amazing performance and easy customization, there are many reasons to consider

Demo Import

With the simple plugin, you may replicate the demo of our sites on your site. Then just modify the contents to make it uniquely yours.

Travel Engine

By using the WP Travel plugin, you can easily list our tour packages, tour destinations with great deal and allow your users to book those packages and make payments directly from the website.

Responsive Design

Our theme’s designs adapt itself for major devices without compromising the design of the website.

WooCommerce Compatible

Our themes are WooCommerce compatible, you can take control over your WooCommerce store. Using the Travellable Pro theme, you can easily set up and customize your single product and archive pages easily and add the cart icon with mini-cart in the top bar menu area.

Homepage Section Sortable

Your website sections can be sorted manually using a simple drag-and-drop function. You may easily rearrange the order of the homepage design by dragging and dropping the sections.

Set Custom Colors

Set the custom color for the primary and secondary sections to enhance your site’s design along with the custom font color. Then, you can use them on any element on your site by saving them once.

Newsletter Subscription Option

You can place a newsletter subscription on the homepage to encourage the visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

Header and Footer Options

You can edit the top bar, menus, edit the header and footer content, and add widgets and company information.

Sticky Header

Supports the sticky header option without any additional plugins. This ensures that your visitors can quickly browse your site, no matter where they are on the page.


Integrated all of Google fonts for distinct design of your site, you can choose among a wide range of fonts for your site.


Add a counter for your accomplishments and progress on the site, and provide information to the visitors with a glance.

Testimonial Carousel

Testimonial carousel of your most loyal customers, you may increase the support of your company’s credibility.


You can add breadcrumb to present the path of how the user navigated to the current page.

Custom CSS

You can add your own custom CSS to any section, column, widget, or page.

Related Posts

On a single Post, you can choose to display the related post of a similar category improving visitors engagement.

Scroll Top Button

With this floating scroll to top button, visitors may quickly move to the top of the page, instantly improving the user experience.