News Revolution Pro

News Revolution Pro is a WordPress theme designed for news, portal, and magazine websites. It boasts a clean structure, a minimalist aesthetic, and a user-friendly interface. Notably optimized for performance, this WordPress theme is characterized by its tidy, adaptable, and responsive design. Catering to online magazines, newspapers, bloggers, journalists, and various informative platforms, it is expertly organized for multiple layouts. This theme is versatile and lends itself to customization, enabling alterations to the visual style through color changes and widget additions. Its agility and responsiveness are well-crafted to enhance the website’s search engine ranking, ensuring that users can easily access news content across different devices and browsers.

Ultimate Features

Clean and Modern Design

News Revolution Pro will provide a clean and modern minimalist design for easy navigation, and the visitors can focus on the significant content.

Easy & Powerful Customization

Customize the style and feel of your site by using the WordPress Customizer, which allows you to do it without needing any code.

With News Revolution Pro, creating content and modifying the theme is simple. You can set the site identity, color, widgets, theme settings, and layout easily.

Multiple Homepage Demos

News Revolution Pro provides various homepage demos to choose from based on the nature of your theme, the demos offer various designs and feel. Choose a layout that best displays your website’s identity and highlights the most important features.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Built by considering most of the latest browsers and tested for compatibility even for some older versions of different browsers. This helps in seamless view across all browser environments.

Enhancing Design with Container Queries

Container queries enable dynamic styling based on a container’s dimensions, ensuring content adapts to available space. This maintains consistent presentation as containers resize, such as stacking elements for smaller containers. It enhances responsive design and user experience.

Free vs Pro

Free Pro
Responsive Design
Demo Import Manual One Click
Translation Ready
Dark/Light Mode
Primary Color Option
Enable Topbar Section
Enable Topbar Date
Enable Topbar Menu
Topbar Fontsize Button
Enable Topbar Social Menu
Enable Random Posts Icon
Header Search Icon
Offcanvas Menu Icon
Enable Sticky Header
Header Custom
Frontpage Sidebar Position
Site Title Font Family 3 Fonts 1000+ Fonts
Site Description Font Family 3 Fonts 1000+ Fonts
Header Font Family 3 Fonts 1000+ Fonts
Body Font Family 3 Fonts 1000+ Fonts
Global Font Size Ajustment
Archive Tile Grid Layout
Archive List Layout
Page Loader
Sidebar Position Limited
Post Options
Related Posts Disable
Infinite Scroll
Hide Copyright Text
Copyright Text Editor Static Fully Customizable
Disable Scroll To Top Button
Scroll Top Button Styles 3 Styles
Multiple Homepage Demo
Flash News Section Limited
Banner Section Limited 3 Styles
Banner Slider Autoplay
Posts Grid Section
Post Carousel Section
Post Carousel Autoplay
Tile and Grid Section 2 Styles
Posts Tile Section 2 Styles
Newsletter Section
Offcanvas Widgets Area
Below Banner Widgets Area
Above Footer Widgets Area
Author Info Widget 2 Styles
Grid List Posts Widget
Grid Posts Widget Limited 2 Styles
List Post Thumbnail Widget Limited 2 Styles
List Post Widget Limited 2 Styles
Categories Widget Limited
Posts Tab Widget
Posts Carousel Widget
Slider Widget
Tile List Posts Widget 2 Styles
Tile Posts Widget Limited 2 Styles
Trending Posts Widget
Two Column Widget Limited 2 Styles
Social Icons Widget

More Features

Besides amazing performance and easy customization, there are many reasons to consider

Demo Import

With the simple plugin, you may replicate the demo of our sites on your site. Then just modify the contents to make it uniquely yours.

Responsive Design

Our theme’s design adapts itself for major devices without compromising the design of the website.

Translate Ready

Though English is the default language of our themes, you can also translate them into your native language. Our themes are translation ready.

Threaded Comments

The threaded comments option are a great way to help your readers follow the discussion on your WordPress blog. This option also makes replying to comments a cinch.

Custom Logo

Our themes support custom logos. Further your brand by uploading an image that will serve as the logo to your website, via the customizer.

Custom Menu

All of our themes support custom menus. Custom menus will guide your visitors to the content they’re looking for on your website.

Custom Widgets and dynamic Sidebar

We build 13+ different widgets with different styles to show your site beautifully. You can just drag and place it to any registered sidebar area.

No Coding Skill Required

Our theme is built considering the fact that most WordPress theme users love the freedom to build sites on their own. Hence, you need no special coding skills to customize our theme.

Flash News

You will get an option to display flash news in the header section. This can be shown by category or the latest news.

Archive Layout

List and Grid with individual alignment options can be chosen for blog and archive pages.

Light/Dark Mode

Our theme includes an awesome theme mode in which you can switch between light and dark modes from the customizer’s color section for easy user readiness.

Set Custom Colors

Set the custom color for the primary and secondary sections to enhance your site’s design along with the custom font color. Then, you can use them on any element on your site by saving them once.

Header and Footer Options

You can edit the top bar, menus, edit the header and footer content, and add widgets and company information.


Integrated all of Google fonts for distinct design of your site, you can choose among a wide range of fonts for your site.


You can add breadcrumb to present the path of how the user navigated to the current page.

Custom CSS

You can add your own custom CSS to any section, column, widget, or page.

Related Posts

On a single Post, you can choose to display the related post of a similar category improving visitors engagement.

Scroll Top Button

With this floating scroll to top button, visitors may quickly move to the top of the page, instantly improving the user experience.

Footer Credit options

In our themes, users have the option to edit the footer credit text, like ‘copyright’ and ‘powered by’ text, which is shown at the bottom of a website to align with the goals of their website or blog.