Ascendoor Logo Slide

Ascendoor Logo Slide is a simple logo slide plugin (not a slider) for your clients or partners or any logos showcase. The plugin displays a responsive logo slide that showcases on your/client’s website.

Ascendoor Logo Slide is a simple logo slide plugin built on top of the WordPress REACT backend. Ascendoor Logo Slide provides you the shortcode with which you can showcase your logo slide showcase anywhere you want on your site.

Plugin Features

Easily Customizable

Ascendoor Logo Slide is easily customizable and provides you the ability to customize the style and design with live previewing, without the need for coding skills.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Ascendoor logo slide plugins are cross-browser compatible and work effectively in different browsers, even some older versions.


Responsive to all Devices

Ascendoor Logo Slide offers responsiveness in all major devices (mobile, iPad, desktops) without content overflows.

More Features

Compatible With Any Theme

This plugin is compatible with any theme you may be using.

Easy Integration

You may quickly integrate the logo slide by using the shortcode provided by plugin.

Logo Slide Speed Control

You have the option of enabling random slide time or selecting the slide time for the logo slide.

Pause on Hover

You can enable the pause on hover option to stop the logo slide on hover.

Multiple Slide Effects

You can choose among various slider effects for the logo slide.

Unlimited Logo

You can add multiple logos for the slide, no any limit on the number of logo to add.

Add Link on Image

You can add the link for the specific logo.

Logo Background

You can select to set the logo background as an image, color or you can choose to not set any background.

Logo Column Settings

You can set the number of columns for the logo slide, and set different column settings for different devices (tablets, mobiles, and desktops).

Logo Margin and Padding

Set the Margin and Padding for the logo and the logo container for different devices. You can also set the inner padding and set margins between the logos.

Style The Logo and Container

You can Style the logo by setting the height of the logo along with the padding for different devices.

User Friendly

This plugin is easy to use and integrate. No coding knowledge required.